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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Did you answer “a food processor.”  Probably not.  You probably said “astronaut.”  For us, this only qualifies food processing as a well-kept secret.

Food processing is more than just manufacturing; it’s marketing, sales, research & development, food science, engineering, accounting, strategic planning, computer technology – and many things in between. In other words, food manufacturing is a compilation of almost everything. If you do not think it is for you, think again!

Our Mission

  • We make airtight, long shelf-life packages – full of products, ranging from time-tested necessities to on-trend home runs – to mold into, and enhance, your lifestyle…
  • We transcend the commodity space, where things are always done the same way; that is, well short of their potential
  • We keep small – familial – in spite of our growth; it’s about being tight within our walls, and close to our customers, knowing and delivering to their needs
  • Change is our foundation; if we don’t have what you are looking for (we very often do), we pride ourselves on the knowledge and commitment to be able to pull it off
  • Our workforce is WNY-approved; Western New York is a world capital for industrious and competent people, running back to the days of grain elevators and steel
  • … And we do it right.  Quality and safety are our livelihood, as much as they are yours

Steuben Foods, Inc.

1150 Maple Road
Elma, New York 14059

Available jobs

Aseptic Process Operator


Description: Basic understanding of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points and which ones we are monitoring and recording.  Perform safe handling of chemicals and use of safety equipment. Strong mechanical aptitude. Basic understanding and execution of food plant Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation and cleanliness requirements. Basic understanding of CIP systems. Be able to read and follow SOP’s. Computer skills

Blending Operator


Description: Forklift certification, Knowledge of CIP procedures, Must follow plant Good Manufacturing Practices, sanitation, cleanliness and safety requirements, Strong mechanical aptitude, computer skills Minimum High School diploma or equivalent.

Filler Operator


Description: Package integrity/teardowns, Main groups of machine/Pull-tab unit, Quality mindset, Strong mechanical aptitude. Minimum High School Diploma or equivalent

Forklift Operator


Description: Forklift Certification, Knowledge of barcode scanner system, Must follow plant Good Manufacturing Practices. Minimum High School Diploma or equivalent

Laboratory Technician


Description: Minimum Associated or military degree in technical or physical sciences. Performs quantitative and qualitative tests on raw materials, work in process and finished products to determine composition, microbiological condition and compliance to specifications.

Maintenance Process Technician


Description: Associates Degree in one of the Engineering disciplines or equivalent related fields or life work experience equivalence, Experience in a commercial maintenance field related to aseptic sterilizing and fluid processing preferred, Knowledge in UHT and HTST processing equipment, Separation experience a plus, Experience in PLC and instrumentation, including Allen Bradley and Beckhoff controls preferred.

Maintenance Technician


Description: Liquid food packaging and processing experience or equivalent, Basic knowledge and experience with instrumentation, sensors, photo-electrics, analog circuit control and low voltage power distribution is a must, Experience in and knowledge with PLC troubleshooting and logic preferred, Minimum High School diploma or equivalent.

Packaging Line Operator


Description: Knowledge of Package integrity, Main groups of machines-Down line Equipment, Quality mindset, Strong mechanical aptitude, Minimum High School Diploma or equivalent.



Description: Dry waste disposal, Run boats with liquid and paper through an auger system to separate liquid from paper into another compactor, Bale waste cardboard and load onto trailer using forklift, Foam cleaning of floors, walls and equipment, Cleaning of outside grounds and snow shoveling, General cleaning of floors in the plant.